Russian Circles have released a new song from their forthcoming LP Gnosis available on August 19th via Sargent House. Perhaps the heaviest song on the album, Betrayal is a five-minute unmitigated assault and follows the first single “Conduit”.  Both singles show how the Chicago stalwarts have created their most fuming and focused work to date—an album that favors the exorcism of two years’ worth of tension over the melancholy and restraint that often colored their past endeavors. 

Gnosis eschews the varied terrain of those past works by employing a new songwriting technique. Rather than crafting songs out of fragmented ideas in the practice room, full songs were written and recorded independently before being shared with other members, so that their initial vision was retained. While these demos spanned the full breadth of the band’s varied styles, the more cinematic compositions were ultimately excised in favor of the physically cathartic pieces.